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EMILIO LOPEZ `ART nif nº 51066170Y, it´s a portal that claims to show this artiste work and allow his sale.


  1. Quality of the works and attention
  2. Products
    1. Original
    2. Replies
    3. Classes
    4. Orders
  3. Promotion
    1. I draw lots between registered users
    2. Offer of the month
    3. Transportation
    4. Discounts in purchases
    5. Discounts for repeated purchases
    6. Financing work
    7. System of saving
  4. Form of payment
  5. Sending
  6. Returns
  7. Protection of information
  8. Responsibilities

1. Quality of the works and attention

Quality of The oils and pictures exposed in this web, always, have the indicated characteristics, are the following ones: size, technology, support, price of the work and price of the transport the works and attention (see Sending).

The used oils are of quality. The works are unique and always realized by hands of the artist, always they will be signed.

For any doubt, claim or letter of congratulation you must contact the service of attention to the client in the form proposed in the Web. The maximum time to wait to receive a response will not overcome 5 days.

For questions more personalized you must ask for it first in the form, Art Emilio will value to offer of personal form other information, preferably e-mail, to solve his doubts.

The payments have guarantee in sure systems if they are electronic payments. Other offered information is personal or others will treat each other always with confidentiality and adjusting to the in force law of protection of information. (see protection of information).

The services and promotions are guaranteed offered later.

2. Products

2.1 ORIGINAL. Exposed in the page of sale always with the indicated characteristics.

2.2 Replies

REPLIES or the simulation of a picture proposed of brought near the original one. According to the in force legislation it is not possible for rights of authorship to generate exact copies of other authors without his permission or on condition of which his death has been superior to the date of 70 years. Therefore a work will be realized as it was indicated brought near or with light variations well of tonality or size of the original work. With this explanation it enters this category:

-arts in stock. What he wants to say is, if the purchase is possible, they will be placed in the page of purchase always with the word REPLY to the beginning of the characteristics.

- By request of the client. Providing that a client has a request of his interest it must contact by means of the form of contact and propose his idea and demanded characteristics. From then under the quality requirements will be indicated him the possibility of the work and the price separating the turnover of the materials used of the own work. If the client accepts the work by means of a united as minimal e-mail to the payment of the materials. Once finished the client will be warned and she will be sent you her work once realized the total indicated payment.

2.3 Classes

2.4 Orders

You can indicate us by means of the form of contact any order that you should want to have in oil, indicating the measures that he wishes.

The best way to ask for an order to Art EMILIO`S ,it to makes photo or image of the topic that you wants to have in painting.

We will put in contact with you to offer him a budget and ideal time of delivery. If he accepts the conditions after receiving a sign corresponding to 35 % of the price of the order it will be realized. If ultimately there was non-conformity with the realized request Art Emilio will realize only the return of 40 % of the dedicated sign. The conditions will be accepted by means of signed contract

3. Promotion

To accede to certain promotions and discounts of our portal as well as to receive our news is precise to be registered as user. This is possible by means of the proposed form, when he puts in touch with Art EMilio or once the first purchase has been realized; if he wishes it it can be given of fall as user.

3.1 I draw lots between registered users.

Of annual form between all the registered ones there will be avoided a drawing of the author who will be announced with a month of precedence to the drawing.

3.2 Offer of the month.

Four times a year, during monthly periods, a picture will be exposed by an offer of his value between 30-45 % of discount.

Of this work providing that it does not overcome 2000 Euros the client must take charge The requests will be attended by exclusive order of arrival. In case of choosing the payment for bank transfer it saves itself the work during three working days up to effecting the payment. Of not being realized it will not be possible claim this type of work during the remaining time as monthly offer. Of the complete payment of the transport.

3.3 Transport

The cost of the sending will be indicated in the page of sale of the picture according to the following estimation of his economic value. The indicated price can overcome the real price of the company of transport, this post will be returned by transfer to the client.

If the purchase is lower than 600 Euros the client will be responsible for the cost of the transport.

If the purchase Emilio is between the range of 600-2000 Euros, Art, he will pay the half of the transport and another part of the cost will be a post of the client.

If the purchase is superior to a value of 2000 Euros Art Emilio takes charge of the cost of the complete freightage.

3.4 Discounts in purchases

If a client realizes a purchase of 2 pictures there will exist a reduction of 15 % of the total of the purchase. The pictures in this promotion cannot be from minor quantity to 300 Euros.

If a client realized a purchase of 3 pictures there will exist a reduction of 30 % of the picture of minor quantity providing that this price overcomes 300 Euros. Besides 15 % of the remaining total.

If a client realized a purchase of 4 pictures it will exist will be a reduction of 50 % of the picture of minor quantity providing that it overcomes 300 Euros besides 20 additional % of the remaining totality. To this promotion it is possible to add the promotion of the existing mail in the ranges specified previously.

This promotion and discounts will have effect past the days of established return providing that the client decides to remain the work of defin3.5. Discounts for purchases repeated by the same clientitive form.

If the payment has been by means of bank card or Pay-Pal the company will put in touch with the client once past the time of estimated return in order that it indicates the account o3.5. Discounts for purchases repeated by the same clientf return to him

If the payment effects for transfer once selected the works and isolated from the rest of the sale, the client will receive an e-mail with the cost that must deposit effected the notable discounts. From this moment the client will have 3 working days to effect the revenue.

3.5 Discounts for purchases repeated by the same client

The same registered client who has realized a purchase superior to 3500 Euros in the first two years of realizing the first purchase will be able to choose a new purchase for 50 % of his value

The form of request will be the following one. It must expose with indication of the promotion which work he wishes in the form of attention to the client. Once withdrawn from the sale and on having been notified to him by e-mail that the work has been separated and due cost that will contemplate the expenses of transport according to the proportion to the new price of the picture, it must deposit the money indicated in a term of three working days. In these three days the asked picture will be withdrawn from the general sale; once past this time without receiving the money will return to the course of sale and will have to be chosen a new picture same picture only will be able to move back from the sale twice consecutive in a period of 6 months. If they are different pictures 4 different requests will be able to be realized, as soon as this promotion has tried to take advantage by four pictures different from consecutive form it will be considered the same offer extinguished for a client.

3.6 Financing

Our financing is a system of saving that allows to retain a work up to his complete payment. It is allowed for works by a quantity superior to 300 Euros and they will be able to be effected in monthly quotas of 300 Euros. The work will be sent on having fulfilled the totality of the payment.

To separate a work by means of this system Emilio must contact Art by means of the form of attention to the client. The company will send by e-mail the estimation of the payments and to realize the monthly fees in the first 7 working days of every month.

This type of financing does not carry aftercost for the works therefore it is a system of financing on 100 % of the cost of the work mas the appropriate estimation of transport.

It will be considered the form of financing extinguished if the payment is not effected to the second consecutive month. In this case one will proceed to the return of the entered money less the tenth part of the money deposited per month.

3.7 System of Saving

The system of saving in an indicated account allows to save money in an account of personal client and to destine it to the purchase of a picture if it is allowed by the quantity demanded with the money saved in this moment. The quotas will be wished by the client. The work will be chosen after having saved the sufficient money for his payment.

Providing that a transfer of money is realized Emilio to be had in account as Art it must contact by means of the form of attention to the client and indicate concrete information of complete name, fiscal identification as well as entered quantity. The contributions will be able turn in his account as user.

4. Forms of payment

Cards of debit and credit (Available shortly)

The simplest and comfortable form. Only you would have to introduce the information that we request you in the moment to realize the purchase. All the information provided to these effects is encrypted to guarantee the maximum safety of the same ones and lodges at a sure servant certified according to the protocol SSL. On having finished the process you will receive an e-mail of confirmation.

Bank transfer

If you prefer paying with bank transfer also we offer you this possibility. You must realize a transfer to the bank account that we indicate him. Since you make "click" in the button "realize payment", the purchase will not be understood finished but in case there is effected the revenue corresponding to the price indicated in the maximum term of 5 working days in the number of qualified account, of not receiving it in this term the order will be cancelled and you would have to repeat the purchase if he is still an interested party. The purchase by the same person or user registered only will be able to be repeated in two different occasions in a quarterly period.

In all that we confirm the transfer you will receive an e-mail communicating it to him and we will continue with the habitual process of the order, that is to say the maximum term of delivery of the order one will count from this date.


For that already they are accustomed to buying for Internet. It is a system that allows to any person to have PayPal's account to send or to receive money online in a totally sure, easy, rapid way and of totally free cost for the buyer. To be able to use this form of payment, you will have to give of discharge before in

5. Sending

They will be immediate to the complete payment realized of the work for any way indicated in advance to the direction facilitated in the moment of the purchase, national or international good understanding as such the territory out of the condition of Spain, good Europe or another continent. The sending can be by means of the public system of post office of Spain or private other one, UPS. According to the rates estimated by the companies of transport. See rates.

They will be indicated for every picture in his characteristics in the page of sale of works. It is possible that it is superior to the real price by what there will be realized the return corresponding to the bank account facilitated by the client. The cost of the sending will be indicated in the page of sale of the picture according to the following estimation of his economic value. In this promotion to part of the economic value that he carries there will be born in mind the rates of the company of transport chosen according to weight and measures.

Estimation according to economic value of the work.

If the purchase is lower than 600 Euros the client will be responsible for the cost of the transport.

If the purchase Emilio is between the range of 600-2000 Euros, Art, he will pay the half of the transport and another part of the cost will be a post of the client.

If the purchase is superior to a value of 2000 Euros Art Emilio takes charge of the cost complete freightage.

6. Returns

From the moment in which you receive the goods the client will have 20 calendar days from the arrival of the work to his domicile to proceed to his return.

Procedure of return. First it will have to contact by means of the web form and indicate his desire. An e-mail will be facilitated to him in order that he sends scanned the delivery note of delivery. The client will have to send scanned the form of delivery where it appears the date of the same one. From then initiated the process of return will have to deposit the payment that is absent from the complete part of the promotion of the transport to an indicated bank account and proceed to the sending of which also it will take charge of the transport. As soon as the picture comes to Art one will proceed Emilio to the return of the money paid for the work to the account that us the client transmits. The picture must come in mint condition.

There is possible the return of the only picture in multiple purchases. The procedure will be the same the indicated one in the previous paragraph. The money that will be returned will be that of the cost of the picture evaluating again the cost of the promotions that belong to the new situation of multiple purchase that always will be made concrete by means of e-mai. If the return is for fault in the product, ART EMILIO LOPEZ takes responsibility of realizing the substitution of the product for the expenses estimated of the half of the transport of the new sending.

7. Protection of information

The User accepts expressly the incorporation of the information obtained during the navigation for the Shop, or provided by means of the cumplimentación of any form, as well as the derivatives of the commercial relation and / or delivery of the bought Products, in one o more automated files of information of personal character ownership of ART EMILIO LOPEZ.

During the process of withdrawal of information, and in every place of the Shop in which the above mentioned information is requested, the User will be informed, already be by means of a hyperlink, already be by means of the own form, of the obligatory character or not of withdrawal of such information to accede to the areas, services or resources of the The user will be able to exercise, I concern of the information obtained in the form foreseen in the previous paragraphs, the rights recognized in the Organic Law 15/1999, and especially the rights of access, rectification or cancellation of information and opposition, if it was turning out to be pertinent, as well as that of repeal of the assent for the transfer of his information, by means of written and signed request directed ART EMILIO LOPEZ, Internet department, Street Lapland 17, 1ºB, 28030. The same directions will be that the User will have to direct his requests of exercise of the above-mentioned rights of access, rectification or cancellation of information.Shop in that the above mentioned information is requested ART EMILIO LOPEZ promises, in the utilization of the information included in the file, to respect his confidentiality and to use them in agreement with the purpose of the file, as well as to give fulfillment to his obligation to guard them and to adopting all the measures to avoid the alteration, loss, treatment or not authorized access, in agreement with the established in the Regulation of development of the Organic Law of Protection of Information, approved by the Royal decree 1720/2007, of 21 Of December, as well as in the Regulation of Measures of Security of the Automated Files that contain Information of Personal Character, approved by the Royal decree 994/1999, of July 11. It nevertheless, it informs the User of that the above-mentioned measures of safety are neither unbreakable nor invulnerable.

8. Regime of responsibilities

ART EMILIO LOPEZ only will answer of the hurts that the User could suffer as consequence of the utilization of the Shop when the above mentioned hurts are attributable to a fraudulent action of this company. The User recognizes and accepts that the utilization of the Shop, as well as the acquisition of the products in him offered realizes under his entire risk and his entire responsibility.

RT EMILIO LOPEZ is not played the role responsible for the prejudices that could stem of, with character merely informative and not limitative
(i) Inferences, omissions, interruptions, IT virus, you damage and / or disconnetions in the operative functioning of this electronic system or in the devices and IT equipments of the Users, motivated by reasons foreign to ART EMILIO LOPEZ. That prevent or delay the presentation of the services or the navigation for the System;
(ii) Delays or blockades in the use caused by deficiencies or Internet overload or in other electronic systems;
(iii) That could be caused by third persons by means of illegitimate interferences out of the control of the Shop and That are not attributable to ART EMILIO LOPEZ;
(iv) The differences of the information, documentation and / or other content of the Shop that will be able to exist between the electronic version and the printed version;
(v) Of the inability to give the Service or to allow the access for reasons not attributable to ART EMILIO LOPEZ, owed to the User, to third parties, or to suppositions of major force ART EMILIO LOPEZ does not control, with general character, the utilization that the Users do of the Shop. Especially

ART EMILIO LOPEZ does not guarantee under any end that the Users use the Service of conformity with the law, the present General Conditions, the mulberry tree and good generally accepted customs and the public order, not that do it of diligent and prudent form not also

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